Hair care


  1. Brush before bed and before washing to make sure there are no naturally occurring tangles caused by wind or friction.
  2. Wear a satin scarf or sleep with a satin pillow. This minor adjustment make a big difference; you’ll be grateful in the morning especially as satin keeps hair moisturised.
  3. Apply a small measure of Argan oil, Almond or Coconut oil 2-3 times per week or when required. Argan oil is a great completing oil for styling and frizz, however it is a dry oil so do not saturate your hair with it!
  4. When washing – Use an organic and sulphate-free cleanse/shampoo. Sulphate strips hair of natural oils. Therefore, to avoid your lovely new hair drying out, go organic! Wash with warm water to abstain from weakening hair follicles.
  5. While wet, include 2-3 drops of regular oil, then apply cold water to your hair to close the cuticles and lock the moisture in (this is known as an Arctic rinse).
  6. Give your hair a chance to air-dry (around 2-3 hours depending on circumstances). Use a wide tooth comb to comb through your hair, once dry.


  1. Avoid using tough bristle brushes as this can scratch the hair cuticle – Once the cuticle becomes excessively damaged the hair can start to clump together, tangle and matte. To keep hair smooth and silky, use a paddle brush with coated tips and wide tooth combs.
  2. Avoid continuously brush your hair throughout the day – Virgin hair cuticles are not attached to your scalp therefore don’t get any of the natural oils and nutrients your scalp would normally give your real hair. Use your fingers first and style occasionally if needed.
  3. Avoid using elastic bands. They can grab and rip hair out, even if you’re careful. A great alternative? Using medium/thick hair-bands without metal grip or grips and clips.



  1. Set appliance to medium/high heat
  2. Divide hair into sections and style. If curling hair, release hair from tong hold for a few seconds to retain shape.
  3. To straighten hair, use ceramic straighteners.
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